Sunday, June 20, 2010

Colours of June – Part One

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I cheated this month. I caught an aeroplane to Northern Queensland, Australia and boarded a friend’s yacht. It is tropical so their winter is not really a winter.

Every day is a different adventure. Lots of sailing, swimming, snorkelling, photography, reading, knitting, bit of cooking. Could do with more showering.

Cape Bowling Green sunset 7

Beautiful sunsets viewed from the yacht.

Holbourne Island 4

Amazing landmarks.

Holbourne Island to Cape Upstart 6

A variety of weather conditions.

boulders Ramsay Bay Hinchinbrook


butterfly Hinchinbrook


crab patterns North Shepherd Bay Hinchinbrook

Crab patterns in the sand.

Hibiscus Cardwell 2

Lots of tropical flowers.

Orchid Beach HInchinbrook

Typical island scenery.

Palm tree and fruit Cardwell

Palm trees and their fruit.