Friday, July 30, 2010

Clifton Beach to Gibson Steps

It was the middle of winter and a beautiful day. So we went for a walk.

pic 001

Leaving the Great Ocean Walk track and coming onto the beach at Clifton.

pic 005


pic 017


pic 037

Last time we did this walk we had to climb over rocks to get past this point, but this time nature had worked for us with a fresh cliff fall, and we were able to walk through the sand passage behind the fall.

pic 050

Annie with her found treasures.

pic 051

All set for the Hamilton Sheepvention Show

All the designing and making for the Alpaca Association has been completed. It has been packed and shipped off to the Hamilton Sheepvention Show for display. A description of the project can be found here.

Last week was somewhat frantic finalising my required three pieces but I did it!

alpaca shawl

A very soft and thick wrap from 3 ply commercially spun alpaca.

alpaca skirt

I’m really happy with this skirt. I initially got the idea from a picture in an old ‘Handwoven’ magazine. It began as 2 ply white alpaca yarn for the weft and 100% wool for the warp (to add strength to the cloth for wear). I dyed both the warp and weft after lots of experimentation with colours.  I blogged about a bit of the process here. So the yarn was dyed, woven and sewn into this skirt.

alpaca vest

And this vest completed my contribution. The warp is 100% black wool and the weft is handspun alpaca of a natural mahogany colour. And I really like the results with this one too.

Thanks Kirsty for the pin fastener. I love it. It is made from the wood of dead bull oak trees.

In the next post I’ll show images of the work of other students in the class.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Colours of July

Not a whole lot of bloggin’ the past month. Must have been having too much fun elsewhere.

But for some unknown reason I don’t like missing out on the ‘Colours of the Month’ organised and maintained by Sue over at Life Looms Large. Check out other contributions.

Early in the month we went walking in Melba Gully State Park, an amazing rainforest not far from here. 

ferns and water 


fungi 2

The following photographs were taken in our front yard.

rain drops


pic 105