Monday, April 25, 2011

Big tides and big waves

Generally around Easter time we can expect the sea to put on a show for us. During the Easter break I spent time sitting on the foreshore watching the action.

Port Campbell pier 4

You may notice at the bottom of the crane a surfer is hooking his surf ski up to get it onto the pier. Big surf this day at Two Mile Bay reef but if any local surfers happen to read this I could get my tyres slashed. They are very touchy about keeping this a secret. On this day Kelly Slater, ten times world champion, was surfing the secret spot. We have been graced with his presence before.

Port Campbell bay

This was the same day. The local people generally like to get out in the midst of the bay and get tossed around. It is quite safe within the bay and great fun.

Diving through waves - Madey

Here is my niece, Madey, pushing through a wave.

Port Campbell pier

A couple of days later and a different scene. Beautiful autumn sunshine and calmer seas.

Port Campbell pier 2

Early evening and the tourists are making the most of the beautiful environment.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Basket Making

There were a few of us. More than in the pictures. We gathered at Rocky’s and Margy’s place. A great shared lunch to get the creative juices flowing and then outside to make baskets from various vegetation found there on the farm. And we didn’t let the drizzle hinder our progress. We were lucky to have four very experienced basket makers – Margy, Kaye, Rocky and Jill.

Jill Georgie Kaye and Annie

Jill, Georgie, Kaye, Annie and sorry but I forget her name.

Kaye making a basket at Rocky's

And here is Kaye amongst it all – her favourite place.

I was feeling fairly crap by the end of the day because of chemo side effects so didn’t get the images I would normally get – like the finished products!

But I have ended up with a basket that I will treasure. I can still take a photo of that and post it in the future.