Monday, August 30, 2010

Just a few more.

magic mushroom

A magic mushie nestled in pine needles.

Moonlight Heads walk 6

Windfall under the sheoaks.

Moonlight Heads walk  - Wreck Beach 2

A coastal garden landscaped perfectly by the weather.

Moonlight Heads walk  - Wreck Beach

So many earthy colours in the one place.

Moonlight Heads walk  - Wreck Beach 3

Shipwrecked, and this is relatively mild sea conditions. The ‘Marie Gabrielle’ was wrecked here in 1869 while carrying tea from China to Melbourne. The three-masted French barque was driven ashore at 1am on November 24.

paddocks in winter

Plenty of green stuff for the animals to eat this year.

Colours of August

We have had an amazing amount of water fall to the earth this month. Everything is soggy and quite luscious. And the farmers are rejoicing.

Mepunga wetland

There is water in our water holes and the water birds can be seen in great numbers.


A walk through the green paddocks and the kangaroos are not that sure they want to share.

Moonlight Heads walk 1

Plenty of this going on.

Moonlight Heads walk 2

And this.

Moonlight Heads walk 3

And this.

Moonlight Heads walk 5

And this.

Moonlight Heads walk 4

But also a sign that spring is on it’s way.

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Woven Creations

Finally getting around to posting images of the woven creations of other students. These items were exhibited at the Hamilton Sheepvention Show early this month and will also be shown at The Royal Melbourne Show. The majority of fibre used was alpaca, being part of a deal done with the Alpaca Association and SouthWest TAFE here in Warrnambool.

First off the ranks are three scarves woven by Jeanette Tollerbond.

Jeanetter with scarf 1 Jeanetter with scarf 2 Jeanetter with scarf 3

And two wraps also woven by Jeanette.

Jeanetter shawl 1 Jeanetter shawl 2

The next four items are by Georgie Crow. As a matter of interest the bottom wrap in the second image as well as the wraps in the final two images were all woven on the same warp.

Georgie beret Georgie shawl and wrap 3 Georgie wrap 1 Georgie wrap 2

The next four are a variety of knits by Jill Hunter.

Jill's cravats 2 Jill's knitted wrap Jill's knitted wrap 2 Jill's wrap

And last but definitely not least are items by Rocky Blair. Rocky has used alpaca fibre from her own alpacas and felted it to produce these hats with the final image being a skirt and wrap woven on the same warp.

rocky's hat and scarf 1 rocky's hat and scarf 2 rocky's hat and scarf 3 Rocky's skirt and top cloth

And to conclude, I must thank our stunning model who suffered all types of indignities without complaint for this photo shoot.

Hamilton Sheepvention - TAFE weaving

The display at Hamilton.