Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Too many distractions

Like designing business cards for no particular reason other than loving doing it when there is a heap of other stuff I should be doing.

business card 2

Friday, October 9, 2009

Just one more…

Love the softness and lushness of this image.

Sorry T – large file size again. The reason for this is that one day soon I am going to turn my blog into a printed book and images such as these need to have good resolution to print out effectively. I want to record my blog in case, for some unknown reason, it disappears into the blogoshere one day. Having a book will then sooth my angst as I will still have a hard copy of my blog. The plan is to do this at the end of each year.

Therefore, any images that are ‘art’ images need to be a decent file size but all others that are merely record shots I will reduce for quick downloading time.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Learning to card fleece


Another day with Rocky – I have now learnt to use a carder. I have spent the last week spinning whenever I have had time. Mainly a relaxing activity, but interspersed with the f?*! word on occasion. It can be very frustrating during this learning stage. I rediscovered my bad temper a number of times – not attractive. Using carded fleece cut down on the ugly bits.

first spun alpaca

This is my first hank of yarn, washed and dried. I am feeling quite satisfied and proud and wanting to keep doing more.

Rocky's tapestry 2

While I carded away in the sunshine, Rocky worked on her tapestry which she is also studying through TAFE.

Rocky's tapestry

Her current assignment involves weaving curves. Southwest TAFE are renowned for the tapestry weaving course they offer and have been doing it for many years. It is also one of the courses they offer off campus.