Thursday, July 23, 2009

Double cloth weave complete!

However, I’m not that fond of it. But it was a great learning experience and really tested the brain with calculations, colour schemes and patterns. I learnt quite a bit from this project. And I should have photographed the back as it is quite different to the front. Will do that in the future.

Paul Klee double cloth

Friday, July 17, 2009

Novelty yarn project

Weaving course at South West TAFE – one of our projects is to experiment with weaving novelty yarns.

weaving novelty yarn samples

After a lot of searching I decided to use a cotton chenille yarn, a cotton tape yarn and a cotton blend yarn as the main yarns. I purchased them from Colinette. It was cheaper to purchase them directly from the UK than it was through their agent here in Australia. And it arrived just as quickly in the post.


weaving novelty yarn sample 1

At this stage I am still weaving samples. I love the way the cotton tape weaves.

Collecting alpaca poo for the garden

alpacas @ Rocky's

Alpacas are thoughtful and tidy enough to poo in the same place – ready made piles for collecting.