Saturday, May 30, 2009

Felting book by India

I purchased this book on felting for $20 when I was in Lincraft recently. The RRP is $29.95.


Once home I was surprised to discover that India Flint is one of the authors, along with Toyoko Sugiwaka. I didn’t hear a mention of this book during her recent workshop. Maybe because it was published in 2007 and I am one of the last people to hear about it. It’s an inspirational book. Details of the book can be found here.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Weaving Loom space

weaving loom

I really want a studio space. This is supposed to be the dining room.

Re: artwork. This is a treasured piece created by two of our grandchildren for Murray’s birthday. I chose the colours from their paint stash so it fits in with the colour scheme of our home. Then Lisa stripped off the kids and let them go for it. Nice.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Yoga with Annie

Yes! I am back doing yoga with Annie – my own personal guru. So lucky!

pic 007

Ecoprints and Ecodyeing

Which translates into leaf prints and dyeing from nature.

It is truly amazing how a new branding can completely change a person’s concept about an activity that has been in existence for centuries and very clever of those people who do the re-inventing.

I am so enjoying collecting foliage, wrapping it up into felted or fabric bundles, throwing foliage and bundles into an old pot and seeing what happens. It is such a restorative pastime. And it even smells glorious.

Into these pots I put blue gum from my mother’s property. In the back pot I also added a rod of copper to see if there would be any difference in the colours obtained. There wasn’t.

pic 001

Into this pail I put some cotton and soaked it in milk overnight and hung it out to dry before dyeing it. I would really like to be able to produce vibrant colours on cotton. Silk is gorgeous but not quite as functional as cotton.

pic 0003

I also tried a kangaroo paw that I have growing in a pot.

pic 105

The kangaroo paw left the marks on the left of the photo and bloody hell, I can’t remember what made the leaf marks on the right. I am going to have to be a lot more rigorous with my record keeping.

pic 121

I love making pre-felts and can’t wait to put all my pieces together and felt into one large piece. Knowing me though, this will be a long process.

Brilliant markings from blue gum and it’s buds.

pic 120

Below is the markings from Bushy Yates – my favourite piece of fabric so far.

pic 116

This is the cotton I soaked in milk. I wrapped it around red onion skins and bloody hell, can’t remember what else. I am getting very weird looks from the checkout chicks when I hold up my bag of onion skins for them to check. But I’m really liking the deep purples they produce.

pic 115

Not sure but maybe lemon scented eucalypt.

pic 112

Not sure but the orange print is probably Bushy Yates. Definitely need to take better records.

pic 113

pic 161_resize

A gratuitous picture from Granny.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Recipe of Mine

Fillet of Lamb with Mint and Sweet Chilli Sauce

Fresh mint leaves

1 handful

Red wine vinegar

2 tablespoons

Capers, drained

2 tablespoons

Sweet chilli sauce

2 tablespoons

Dijon mustard

1 tablespoon

Grapeseed oil (or oil of choice)

2 tablespoons

Garlic cloves, chopped


Lamb fillets

Approximately 8

Place all ingredients, except the lamb fillet, into a processor and whizz until very well blended. Place lamb fillets and whizzed ingredients into a glass bowl and mix thoroughly. Marinate for a minimum of an hour.

Cook fillets in a pan or on the BBQ. Serve with whatever takes your fancy.


Controlled Burn - Discovery Walk

Yesterday Parks Victoria undertook a controlled burn on the walking track from Port Campbell to Two Mile Bay.

Controlled Burn Discovery Walk 07

Controlled Burn Discovery Walk 16

Controlled Burn Discovery Walk 28

India Flint Workshop

I had a wonderful five days at the workshop organised by SouthWest TAFE and led by India Flint – learning how to colour cloth with ecologically sustainable dyes from plants.

India is a r(eco)fashion designer, writer, feltmaker, cloth colourist & costumiere.

India Flint workshop 06

India Flint workshop 03

Jill was there.

India Flint workshop 04

Rocky and Sue also.

India Flint workshop 23

And Judy as well. Judy teaches textile subjects at SouthWest TAFE.

India Flint workshop 07

We went in search of plants. We felted. We experimented. We watched pots boil. We got excited about opening bundles of cloth.

India Flint workshop 13

India Flint

India Flint workshop 20

A small selection of our resulting work.

India Flint workshop 28

Admiring a completed “landskin” by India.

India Flint workshop 18 India Flint workshop 29 India Flint workshop 31
India Flint workshop 33 India Flint workshop 35 India Flint workshop 30

Monday, May 18, 2009


Coffee Cup

It’s not often that I accept an offer for someone else to make me a coffee, especially Raelene. For some reason they usually taste disgusting. This is what she made recently. Rather than drink it I used it as photo opportunity.

P.S. I do appreciate the effort though.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Another Big One

Big Sea - Port Campbell Bay 43 - ps

Today’s tide and waves were bigger and better than a couple of weeks ago.

Big Sea - Port Campbell Bay 47 - ps

And yes, out there amongst it were three local surfers having a different kind of surfing experience, one of them being my nephew.

Big Sea - Port Campbell Bay 57 - ps

As a photographer, it is always potentially exciting when non-locals saunter out into the midst of it.

Big Sea - Port Campbell Bay 58 - ps

Damn, he realised just in time.

Big Sea - Port Campbell Bay 59 - ps

This was taken a second later.

Big Sea - Port Campbell Bay 69

This guy wasn’t so lucky. All that water came down on top of him.

Big Sea - Port Campbell Bay 70

Big Sea - Port Campbell Bay 73 - ps

This is meant to be a road, not a river.

Big Sea - Port Campbell Bay 88 - ps

A couple of the surfers are right in the middle of that.

Big Sea - Port Campbell Bay 92 - ps

To think that only a couple of months ago we had our umbrellas up and towels laid out enjoying the sand and sea.

Big Sea - Port Campbell Bay 100 - ps

Wow, nearly got another one.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

An Art Work produced via Double Weave

Karen's double cloth sample

This piece of weaving is what excited me about double weaving. I love the colour scheme and the three dimensional aspect of it. This is a sample piece woven by Karen Richardson – our teacher for the weaving unit that I am undertaking at SouthWest TAFE.

Double weave or double cloth is when two cloths are woven at the same time on the loom.  An OK explanation can be found here.

In our class we are experimenting with Double Weave. It did take a while to get my brain around it. I will post pictures of the results when we three (Rocky, Georgie and myself) have finished.

In the meantime, I am very much looking forward to the coming week. I am doing a five day workshop with India Flint ( here is her blog) which is being organised by the Art Department at SouthWest TAFE. Yeehaa!

Friday, May 8, 2009

A new felting experience

I spent a therapeutic day last week at a felting workshop run by two travelling ladies. They work under the business name of Garments and Gadgets. At this stage their web site is still under construction but it should be up and about very soon.

Jenny and Clare have a ginormous recreational vehicle they use for living and travelling around regional areas. At the moment they are stationed in Warrnambool and have already spent a couple of months running workshops and have enough bookings to stay indefinitely.pic 028

I started by doing their Introduction to Felting class and learnt quite a bit. Their felting methods are quite methodical which produces a consistent cloth. Next I will do their Nuno Felting class.

pic 031

This scarf is made from 100% merino wool and is very soft to the touch. Because of the technique taught I was able to get the felt quite fine and lightweight – not at all heavy.

Ron & grandchildren in trailer

This photo is a bit of self indulgence. My father with my four grandchildren.

Granny square full size

crochet 3

Now big enough for a cushion cover. Just have to crochet the other two up to this size. It ended up taking three whole skeins of yarn – Lincraft Prism.

pic 026

Another scarf

pic 058

Luscious colours and beautiful drape.

pic 069

The yarn is from Lara Downs – the bands are knitted from boucle chunky silk and 2 ply cashmere was used for the in betweens. Such a pleasure to knit and oh so easy.