Tuesday, September 2, 2008

At school today. Teaching art from Prep to Year 7.


Graham said...

Great photos Leisurely Lesley. Fantastic to see you blogging. How's things in Port? say g'day to Murray for me. I'm sure you and him would love the fishing up this way, wasted on me I'm afraid, I just like to watch them.
I've updated my holiday blog now that we have returned to Freo and have Internet access through Joel's computer.
Hope you get to see this and thanks for leaving a comment on my blog.

Graham said...

Hi Julie on the computer too, we have seen hundreds of wildflowers but only one orchid. The orchid in your blog is in Mount Beckworth too. I'm hoping to see the Queen of Sheeba Orchid when we are down near the Margaret River. If so I'll get graham to put a photo on the blog. Keep well Julie.