Friday, July 17, 2009

Collecting alpaca poo for the garden

alpacas @ Rocky's

Alpacas are thoughtful and tidy enough to poo in the same place – ready made piles for collecting.


Kirsty said...

Last year I went to met some ladies I had met online. We met on an organic gardening and animal type forum 'Aussies Living Simply' Anyway we met in Beechworth and the house where we were had alpacas! Five of us ladies stood around in awe at the piles of poo and were so excited about an animal that would poo in one spot so you could collect it easily! I thought later it must have looked weird to others that a pile of poo could be so exciting for us! I'm glad we are not alone LOL

sampling said...

They are sooooo cute. A friend of mine recently got 2 of these beautiful animals for their property to help keep control of the grass in their yard! the bonus - she is also a spinner and weaver!