Friday, October 9, 2009

Just one more…

Love the softness and lushness of this image.

Sorry T – large file size again. The reason for this is that one day soon I am going to turn my blog into a printed book and images such as these need to have good resolution to print out effectively. I want to record my blog in case, for some unknown reason, it disappears into the blogoshere one day. Having a book will then sooth my angst as I will still have a hard copy of my blog. The plan is to do this at the end of each year.

Therefore, any images that are ‘art’ images need to be a decent file size but all others that are merely record shots I will reduce for quick downloading time.

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T said...

Hi Leslie, great idea your book sounds good already. And dont comprimise your photos for that. If I wait long enough I can see them.