Monday, January 19, 2015

A Few Things.


What a great idea. Only four turned up but it was still a frenzy. I came home with a variety of stuff which I was very pleased with. Hopefully the idea will catch on and more people will turn up next Sunday for the second swap.

This is soooo exciting. We have been living in our house for 18 years and it has never been painted until now! This is only the undercoat which is a vast improvement already. Even my half done garden looks better with it's new backdrop.

Finally my house is going to look like what I had always imagined it should look like, instead of like a dairy shed.


And even more excitement. After pondering for a couple of years I have purchased a new spinning wheel - a Majacraft Susie Pro - from Wendy at Tarnwarncoort. I love it and I love spinning. I suppose I can't call myself a beginner anymore but I am still climbing the learning curve. So right now spinning has become what I want to do most.

With my new spinning wheel came a complimentary Polwarth fleece from Tarnwarncoort which I am experimenting with. I have started to attend a spinner's group that meets once a month at Tarnwarncoort - a grand old blue stone mansion.

I washed a small amount of the fleece as part of the experiment. Next I will spin some 'in the grease' and some of the washed fleece and then compare. The photo shows the washed next to the unwashed. It is so white and fluffy and feels gorgeous.

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