Saturday, December 20, 2008

Fishing Along the Coast

The weather and sea worked together a couple of days ago and we managed to get out in the boat for the first trip of the season. Because the seas were so flat, we mainly went after crayfish or rock lobster as they are also called. We got our quota of four – a maximum of two for each licensed person. Murray also caught a good sized snapper. I do get a wee bit stressed when crayfishing sometimes, as it entails getting in quite close to the cliff base, often amongst a breaker or two. And I am in the process of learning how to drive the boat while Murray pulls the pots.

The following are some photos I took while we were out and show the scale of the cliffs. They’re pretty magnificent in this part of the world.

pic 006

pic 030

pic 0020

This is a spot called Deany’s Steps, which was carved out for easy access to the base of the cliff many years ago. If you look very closely you will see an opening to the left of the steps, which is the size of a doorway. This will give you an idea regarding the scale of the cliffs. However, due to the ever present ‘nanny state’ we are forced to live under, the entrance to these steps was blown up by Parks Victoria to stop people using them.

pic 020

pic 013

Murray baiting up a cray pot.


A southern rock lobster.


skiingweaver said...

Oh my gosh, the *colors* in the cliffs are amazing! Very fun to read about your lovely day after posting about our big snowstorm here in the Eastern U.S., lol. :)

Di said...

Lovely pics. Visited there last year and it truly is an amazing part of the world.

T said...

Took five minutes to see half a picture lesley.
The half picture looks wonderful. I am still dreaming about getting to the coast over summer.

Have had an ipod for three years, but have got buckly's hope of downloading a podcaste at this rate.


Laurence said...

Thank you for these beautiful pictures. They make my day!

fibresofbeing said...

Just found your blog. Beautiful photos! Love your felt too - I used to do a lot but have been obsessed by weaving the past year. Your TAFE course sounds interesting, don't know of anything like that around Sydney.