Monday, December 8, 2008

From Geelong to Adelaide

I went on a train trip last week on the Overlander, with Kaye and Annie. We spent time exploring Annie’s roots as the Adelaide Hills is her home territory.

The beginning

The start of the journey – Annie doing yoga stretches while waiting for the train.

On the Overlander Nine hours of pure relaxation – reading, trying to teach myself to crochet which I failed at, eating, drinking lattes, listening to music.


Exploring with Annie’s family.

bridge to Hindmarsh Island

The very controversial bridge over the Murray River, from the mainland at Goolwa to Hindmarsh Island. For much of the '90s, it represented one of the most divisive issues on the political landscape, featuring court challenges, a royal commission and a bitter cultural debate over Aboriginal spiritual beliefs. I must say, it is a monster of a construction that looks way out of place.

doorway Love these old stone buildings – lots of terracotta colours – pinks, yellows and oranges.


Typical South Australian landscape

bowl of apricots

We bought these apricots at a roadside stall – very luscious. The three of us have decided we are going to paint this image.

flame flower

Ah, not sure. Maybe the flower of the flame tree.

Gum blossomGum blossom

lichen Lichen

Waiting At Murray Bridge Near the end of the journey. Waiting for the train at Murray Bridge.


T said...

Thanks for sharing your journey. Wonderful photos.......

takinanap said...

beautiful photos of your trip! the sky is so blue and the colors so rich...makes for good textile inspiration.

skiingweaver said...

Oh my gosh... Your photography is just... Wow. Gorgeous. Luscious. Really, really, really good (words are failing me! lol!).