Thursday, February 5, 2009

Who Gives A Fig!

Another idea…hopefully I can follow it through. This fig is part of our first fruit from our still small fig tree. We picked about ten and they were luscious…this being the absolutely first time I have ever eaten fresh figs. Anyway, I had to photograph one of them and then I had to do a photoshop number on it.


Very pleased with the resulting image. Actually, after looking at it some more, I'm not so sure I do like it - I don't think the grey background sits well with the luscious looking figs. Might have to tweak it some more.

Next I am going to draw and paint it. Then I am going to depict it using textiles. That's the plan...

This was the original image.

fig (3)_resize

1 comment:

Jackie said...

No no no! Leave it its fabulous. The slatey blue grey goes beautifully with the deep orangey red and that little bit of limey yellow is a perfect foil.
But then...colour is all subjective!