Thursday, June 4, 2009

Double Weave progress

I know how to stave off Alzheimer’s disease – keep on working out design drafts for weaving double cloth.

double cloth - weaving

Every time I make a mistake I know I probably won’t make that mistake again as it takes much time and brain power to rectify it. Well, that’s the theory. The first half of this weaving is my practice piece.

double cloth - front view

This is the top cloth showing (excuse incorrect terminology). Once I began weaving it soon became obvious that I had threaded the heddles incorrectly in one area as the honey comb pattern was all out of wack where I have circled. Solution – pull the offending warp ends from the cloth and re-thread the heddles correctly. Am pleased to say it worked.

double cloth - back view

This is the back cloth. I shoved the camera under the loom, pointed skyward and hoped for the best. And it worked too.

Rocky at work

Rocky at work. You can see that space is at a premium in this room. It is very challenging reaching the looms at the back.

Rocky's double weave

Rocky’s work in progress. Those loose threads are going to be cut and ‘eyelashed’ for a 3-dimensional effect.

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Kayla coo said...

Hi Lesley,
Thanks so much for your kind comment.
What a wondrful set up of looms, it's years since I did weaving,beautiful work.