Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Chasing Killer Whales

A phone call from Annie – killer whales had been spotted on our coast. They were feeding on the tuna that were doing their seasonal run. Did I want to join them on the boat and maybe get some photos? Would love to.

Annie and Fuzz own Port Campbell Boat Charters.

pic 003

If the crane breaks down the fishermen get upset as this is the only way to get their boats into the water.

pic 004

Local fishermen getting their boat back on land. The boats cannot be moored in the water and need to be lifted in and out with each trip.

pic 006

pic 012

Looking for the water spout. BTW we missed the orcas but we did find…

pic 020

Lots of bird activity which meant that the tuna were about. Those rocks in the background are the Twelve Apostles.

pic 054

Gannets waiting for the leftovers.

pic 057

Plenty of dolphins to be seen, often cruising alongside the boat.

pic 061

pic 062

pic 024

The captain giving instructions on how to reel them in.

Two tuna were caught in a short time. After that it was decided to stop fishing as two large tuna were more than enough. Many more could have been caught. Legally, each person with a fishing license is allowed a limit of two tuna.

pic 040

Being a girl, I felt sorry for the tuna.

pic 048

Annie having fun.

pic 069

A friendly observer.

pic 074

Jim the Fisherman with his catch for the day.

pic 085

Preparing dinner.

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Pam de Groot said...

Lesley I have so enjoyed reading your blog. I'm glad to see you have continued to play with our new found knowledge. Your weaving is beautiful and the coast is just amazing. Hope the fish tasted as good as it looked.