Monday, March 8, 2010

Breakfast @ the Twelve Apostles

It’s an annual fundraiser. The local Red Cross and Cancer Council get together and deliver a delicious breakfast at the Twelve Apostles.

Annie and I started early and walked about 12 kilometres to get there (this was huge for me) – along dirt tracks, through farms, and National Park. It was only in the final half hour of walking that I was needing a panadol or two or three.

Inquisitive sheep

Inquisitive sheep thinking that we may be delivering a meal.

Breakfast @ Twelve Apostles

Egg and bacon was first course followed by pancakes, strawberries and cream.

Twelve Apostles 3

The Apostles were looking good.

Twelve Apostles


Twelve Apostles 2


Twelve Apostles 4


Gibson Steps

It was perfect weather.


Penny said...

Beautiful, beautiful scenery Lesley. You're very lucky to live in that part of the world.

Sara said...


What a beautiful area! Everything about being there is wonderful. How lucky you must feel.

Life Looms Large said...

Beautiful photos of a beautiful area. Makes me want to visit!!

Good job on the walking too!!


weaveblah said...

Hi Lesley,
I want to live where you live!

Your photographs are beautiful, as always. I particularly like the sheep; the photo looks almost like a still-life painting.

Happy weaving.