Thursday, March 4, 2010

Alpaca Project and other stuff

Each Tuesday morning we congregate in the art department at the Sherwood campus of Deakin University at Warrnambool.

Below is an assortment of alpaca fleece spun by Jill.

Alpaca fibre - spun by Jill

Jill decided to experiment with the brown and white plied yarn and dye it blue. These are the results. The verdict is still out.

Alpaca fibre - dyed blue

Jill bought in her Majacraft spinning wheel to show me. She loves it and now it is on my wish list.

majacraft spinning wheel - Jill's

Here is Georgie warping up for her first alpaca piece. Georgie is concentrating on lace weaves for her theme.

Georgie warping up


The flower ( not sure what it is) was photographed for an assignment on ‘composition’ for the Photoshop course I am doing.


And these birds are corellas. There are lots of them around at the moment, having a distinctive squawking noise. They also seem to be public enemy number one in many parts of Victoria for the damage they do to crops and the environment.



Kirsty said...

Hmmm not sure about the blue, might look better in 'real life' LOL. I am woken every morning by flocks of screaching corellas!!! So noisy! They sit a gum tree in my backyard and bite off small branches and I am sure they are having a competition to see who can hit me on the head as I walk underneath! So annoying.....but cute to look at!

Sara said...

FIrst of all, I love the dyed alpaca - my favorites being the 2nd and 3rd from the left.

Not sure how I feel about the blue alpaca. I know when I've been looking at alpaca lately - and buying yarn - i have tended to gravitate to the natural colors...

T said...

Finally I can see your pictures. Great having faster speed now. I have just had my old spinning wheel repaired and am looking forward to spinning some yarn in the near future. This alpaca is spun up very nicely.


Anonymous said...

I love Corellas, lol. They have their season and then they go; bit like magpies.
Like the blue if it was a stronger colour maybe.