Monday, May 24, 2010

Alpaca project – a skirt in the making

Alpaca project - weft thread

Wound onto the bobbin and ready to go. The story of this yarn can be found here. It is the weft yarn, 100% alpaca and hand dyed, while the warp is 100% tough wool and also hand dyed to one of my favourite green shades.

Alpaca project - skirt layer weaving 2

The reason for the tough warp is WEAR. The cloth is going to be used to make a skirt and a cute one at that I hope!

Alpaca project - skirt layer weaving

It is more warp faced than I expected but I like it. The skirt will have two tiers, the next cloth to be woven being a darker shade.


Benita said...

I like it! It's very autumny and reminds me of fields and forests. I'll be very interested in seeing this as a finished shirt.

Leisurely Lesley said...

Thanks Benita. I've got my fingers crossed that the whole project ends successfully.