Saturday, February 27, 2010

Study in 2010

I have returned to South West TAFE for another year of learning and doing.

I am continuing on with Textiles with the main focus being on weaving. This year there is an added dimension which is exciting. Our small group has been approached by the Victorian Western Region of the Australian Alpaca Association.

“They are looking to promote alpaca fleece, yarns and products and would like to do so by providing TAFE students with Yarn and fibre to design and weave with.

In exchange for these materials we will exhibit our work at Sheepvention in Hamilton on 2nd and 3rd August and also at the Royal Melbourne Show in September.

AAA are looking for innovative design which ‘excites interest’ and shows off alpaca as the luxury fibre it is. They are happy to see alpaca combined with other fibres but wish to see alpaca as the dominant element in the overall work.”

So the process begins.

Alpaca Project 1 - spinning

Jill demonstrating the finer points of spinning.

At the moment I am excitedly spinning suri fleece  - I love the process.

“The Suri is a rare and precious breed of Alpaca, representing less than 10% of the Australian Alpaca population and less than 5% of the world Alpaca population. It is truly a rare and precious specialty fibre.The primary characteristics which distinguish Suri fleece is it’s lock structure, high lustre, silky handle and long staple length.”

If you are interested in learning more about alpacas THIS is an informative site without being too in depth.


But there’s more…I am also undertaking a 16 week course in an Intermediate Photoshop course.

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Sara said...

Oh, how nice! And, how fun! I have to say that sounds like a win-win situation...I know you will love the alpaca...I do.