Monday, August 30, 2010

Just a few more.

magic mushroom

A magic mushie nestled in pine needles.

Moonlight Heads walk 6

Windfall under the sheoaks.

Moonlight Heads walk  - Wreck Beach 2

A coastal garden landscaped perfectly by the weather.

Moonlight Heads walk  - Wreck Beach

So many earthy colours in the one place.

Moonlight Heads walk  - Wreck Beach 3

Shipwrecked, and this is relatively mild sea conditions. The ‘Marie Gabrielle’ was wrecked here in 1869 while carrying tea from China to Melbourne. The three-masted French barque was driven ashore at 1am on November 24.

paddocks in winter

Plenty of green stuff for the animals to eat this year.


Life Looms Large said...

Lovely photos!! (That first mushroom could be in a magazine....not sure what magazine, but it's beautiful!)

I may return to these brown photos for some weaving later this fall. I have the yarn, but I have other weaving deadlines I have to meet first. They're great photos for inspiration!

Thanks for sharing them!

weaveblah said...

Transporting, beautiful photographs Lesley; congratulations.

Anonymous said...

Love the colours in Australia - anytime. Would love to get down there again one day.

Tina T-P said...

Your pictures are just beautiful - I was so taken by the picture of the kangaroos - hope you don't mind - I put it on my computer as my desk top picture - Everyone that I work for is very amused - we all want to know - do they naturally group up like that - a "Herd of Kangaroos"? or is this at a park or something? I just imagine that they are all standing there looking at me all day - and green grass and the blue sky is such a pretty thing to look at too.