Monday, October 25, 2010

Introducing ‘Flaps’ the mountain duck

Flaps the mountain duck 2

Found wandering in the local caravan park, following anyone who happened to pass by.

Flaps was handed into the Parks office and from there found his way here. Flaps would have been a lot better of with his mother but that wasn’t to be.

We have had him for almost two weeks now and he has grown A LOT!

He requires quite a bit of attention but he has been worth it.

Flaps the mountain duck 1 

For more information on Australia’s largest duck go to here


Sara said...

Oh, he is so cute! And, he has beautiful coloring!

weaveblah said...

I do love ducks and, in the past, have raised white pekins, and brown kaki-cambells. The latter produce large eggs, ideal for cake baking.
Have followed your information-link and read that, unfortunately, your little Au Shelduck is legally available for recreational hunting in Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia.
I hope it grows strong and cunning and forever outwits all the people with guns.