Monday, November 17, 2008

Road trip to Eyre Peninsula, South Australia

First stop, Beachport

Pool of Siloam, seven times saltier than the sea, which is reputed to relieve sufferers of arthritis and rheumatism. The high salt concentration in the water makes swimming very easy, as the water is extremely buoyant.

Meningie, located 152 km south-east of Adelaide on the shores of Lake Albert.

T'was the harvesting season.

Spooky. Just had to visit the infamous bank at Snowtown. This is where the bodies of eight murder victims were stored in barrels in this disused bank building. It was the worst serial killing in Australia's history, and it didn't happen that long ago either.

Port Germein boasts the longest wooden jetty in the Southern Hemisphere.

Lots of wheat fields.

Our main destination - Coffin Bay

Coffin Bay National Park

My other half doing what he loves second best.

A visitor to our front yard in Coffin Bay - the Pacific Gull

The front yard at 'our place' - truly amazing. Surrounded by the sea on three sides.

A very common sight in South Australia - the lone church.

And lots of old buildings, either in disrepair or lovingly maintained.

Horrock's Pass - great landscape.


Di said...

Thanks for your comment on my 'blue' pics. These pictures of yours are stunning. Well done.

T said...

Hello Lesley, I came here to say hello after backtracking to find your blog. I seem to get a lot of traffic from your blog and it made me curious. Then I saw that you have me listed in your blog list and worked it out. Thanks for listing me.

Your blog is great. I adore your photos of the sea. I long for the ocean and have been trying to get away for some time now. But your photos are stunning. I enjoy the visuals of your blog it is great.

I also like your little experiment of yesterday. It looks very delicate, but beautiful.

Talk again soon.


Sophie said...

Great pictures Lesley - looks like it was a good trip. I've been wanting to take a photo like the one you have of the round haybales but my don't look anywhere near as good as yours