Friday, February 26, 2010

Great Ocean Walk

Annie and I went walking last night.

Down here on the Great Ocean Road we have the Great Ocean Walk – a 7 night/8 day walk through National Park along a beautiful coastline.

Annie’s friends are in the midst of the walk. We went to visit and have tea with them at the Ryan’s Den campsite. The map below shows a section of the walk.


Ryan's Den 1

We walked down to the rocky beach – a steep incline. I wasn’t fond of the thought of climbing back up.

Ryan's Den 2

We sat on the rocks for awhile.

Ryan's Den - looking towards 2 copy

I did get back up but there was a lot of heart thumping, rests and sweating involved.

Ryan's Den - looking west from cliff top

As a reward for making it we walked another couple of kilometres (more sweating, etc.) to the camp site and sat on the cliff watching the sun set as we ate our tea.

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Sara said...

Oh, that is a gorgeous spot...I'd be like you - lots of rests and lots of heart thumping for sure! I don't sweat much - even in heavy exercise...