Sunday, February 14, 2010

Walk to Submarine Cove


Submarine Cove

First a drive to Moonlight Heads, park the car, and then a walk to Submarine Cove. You can see why it is called Submarine Cove. Once we started walking it started to rain and didn’t really stop until we left Moonlight Heads again. We were wet for the whole walk – very cooling. Thankfully the temperatures were more in line with summer and we didn’t get cold.

On track to Submarine Cove

Wasn’t the best for taking photos though. Once we arrived at the Cove it was way too wet to get the camera out.

 Submarine Cove 3

Highly unusual rock formation on the walk down to the Cove.

Submarine Cove 2 

On the way down we nibbled on these white berries – tasted like lemonade.

Submarine Cove 4 

And these – native red currants (Coprosma quadrifida). Beautiful.


Submarine Cove 5

We made it back to the top -  Annie with a backpack overflowing with drift wood.

Walk to Submarine Cove with Annie

And me – soaked. And filthy from clawing my way up a very slippery and steep incline. Certainly got my dose of exercise today.


Sara said...

Oh, what beautiful photographs - and what a beautiful place. Thank you for sharing. I love to see nature at its most lovely. You did that today for me.

Sophie said...

I'm jealous... I want to walk to Submarine Cove too!!! Fantastic photos - and what a great place!