Monday, April 12, 2010

Alpaca Project

Georgie and beret

Here is Georgie’s completed beret, woven with alpaca fibre on a piece of cardboard.

dyed alpaca yarn

And here is the final results of the dyed alpaca yarn. The process was shown here. I was mightily impressed with how the over dyeing with black gave the colours a bit more oomph.

twill with variety of setts

The last couple of days I have been weaving samples to test the alpaca yarn’s capacity for weaving. Here’s a happy accident. I’m sure more experienced weavers would know all about this but I didn’t  – the undulating effect of twill when woven on a warp with a variety of setts.

weaving problem

And then there is this. Not so happy. I haven’t had this happen before. When winding the warp forward and over the front beam all my careful weaving went out of whack. Why is it so? And does anyone know how to prevent this from happening? I suppose this is why you do samples.