Sunday, April 18, 2010

Alpaca Project

What is the Alpaca Project? Answer HERE.

Jill's hand spun alpaca

Jill continues to shame us with her quality and output. A sample of her spinning from a first shearing of a huacaya in a fawn pink.

Jill's knitted and dyed alpaca scarf

Jill again, who is mainly concentrating on knitted items. A cute scarf knitted from the alpaca yarn, dyed in Landscape dye MOUNTAIN BLUE and knitted with the pattern - K3 wool *forward K* to last 3 stitches, K3, for every row.

Jill's knitted alpaca shawl

Jill again. A knitted feather and fan stole in alpaca yarn. Very luscious.

Jill's shawl to be dyed

Jill again. A knitted shawl from the alpaca yarn which she decided to dye in a rash moment. See below.

Jill dyeing shawl 

Photos of dried results still to come.

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