Monday, October 6, 2008

Felting - 50th birthday present for Annie

For Annie's birthday I wanted to make her a pouch for her very well worn yoga book. It is literally falling apart and held together by a rubber band. Kaye had told me blues and greens were her favourite colours. So I set up on front patio and had a very cathartic experience...

I added some silk fibre of brilliant colour. This was all very experimental as I haven't done much felting - have only just got into it, but I love it.

It was very much working things out as I went. I actually ran out of blues and greens when it came to doing the back of the pouch so I had to add some crimson coloured felt. I haven't got a great variety of felt yet, YET being the operative word.

What are the best places for acquiring felt? When I initially started bloggin' I thought there would be no way I'd get any visitors other than family and friends. Well, I still haven't informed family and friends. However, I have had two people leave comments to my amazement, therefore the question at the start of the paragraph. I have hope that someone may actually answer it.

Had to also work out how to form the shape of a pouch with a flap for closure. Was pleased with the results. The size was a bit hit and miss, with much more shrinkage length wise and not width wise. I figured Annie now has room to spare for her candles and incense.


graciela foradori said...

beatiful blog! My name is Graciela. I´m from Argentina.

Sophie said...

Love the felting - the crimson that you added looks great. If you're looking for places for felting supplies, some that I know of are:

Hope that these site help! Email me if you want more - I'm not a felter but could definitely point you in the right direction.

Mariel said...

Good for people to know.