Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Felting @ Rocky's

Recently spent a day at Rocky's for a day of felting, with Kaye and Jill. We spent before lunch wandering the farm, mainly checking out the alpacas, and then after lunch the felting began.

This poor girl needs a trip to the orthodontist.

Checking out the fleeces, an area of extreme ignorance for me. But not for Kaye or Jill. Kaye earned a living from spinning and Jill was a sheep judge at Shows.

This pile of wool turned into a pair of child's boots. Was quite pleased with the results. Jill made a pair of slippers and Kaye made a hat for her large head. Rocky was too busy directing our efforts to get anything made. Rocky is a felter from way, way back.


Kirsty said...

Those boots look great and very warm! I am sure Kaye's head isn't that big? but I'm not sure which one Kaye is, the only one I recognise is my dear Mother!
Love the blog and I will call in often, if you like I can add a link on mine....not that I have up dated it for ages!

Sophie said...

I love the boots and the alpacas are just so cute!!

Did you felt with alpaca fleece? I have a bag full (no, not 3 bags full, just one) of alpaca fleece and I'm not sure what to do with it.

Sophie said...

Thanks for that Lesley. I'm going to give the alpaca wool a try, I'm just not wrapped in felting (I like it when others do it), probably because I don't have a great place to be able to spread out and do it properly. I will just have to bit the bullet and give it a go.

shirleytreasure said...

Hi Lesley,
Thanks for adding me on your blog. I love your yor work!