Thursday, October 16, 2008

Purchases from traders at the Geelong Forum

I can't resist this yarn from Lara Downs. When I make a trip to Melbourne, a visit to the Lara Downs shop in Victoria Street, Fitzroy, is something I get very excited about. I'm in the process of knitting an absolutely gorgeous scarf from yarn I purchased previously - nearly finished. Will post a pic of it when I'm done. This yarn is top quality and oh so beautiful to touch - very luscious. And I've just ordered even more via email. The solid colour is a cashmere silk blend of 2 ply and the boucle is from mulberry silk.

Thought this may come in handy adding little curly tufts to felting projects.

Also couldn't resist this purely because of the intensity of the colours. It is for felting highlighters - mulberry silk hankies also from Lara Downs.

Even though I am relatively new to felting, I have now felted with a few different fibres. These merino tops, again from Lara Downs took me by surprise at how quickly they felted. Hope to do some felting on the weekend. Will post pics.


Sophie said...

Ooh more felting!! I'm looking forward to see what you do. I have some of those silk hankies - I bought them at the forum last year - but still haven't used them yet. I also have a box full of wool tops, mohair, scrim, throwsters waste and other interesting stuff for felting. It seems that I'll have to bite the bullet and do some felting!!

Leisurely Lesley said...