Tuesday, October 21, 2008

More felting...

Where on earth do bloggers find the time to create AND blog so frequently. I am completely mystified how some creators make incredible stuff as well as update their blog almost daily. Anyway, today I had close to the perfect day. I felted all afternoon at a relaxed pace. Bliss. And these are the results - done specifically for the Experimental Textile course I am doing at South West TAFE. Felting is just a wee part of the course, but I find all the rolling and bashing very therapeutic.

Beautiful wool tops from Lara Downs - felted unbelievably quickly, even though I am no expert. Few threads and silk fibres for embellishment.
Half way through the process.
And voila! Oh btw, this is not meant to be a hat, well it will go in the grandkids dress up tub in the end, but it has another job first. And that is to be in a student exhibition hanging the other way up from the ceiling with it's two partners...and here they are.
A really good link to felting instructions for beginners can be found here at Fibre Fusion.

Couldn't resist including this photo - granddaughter no. 2, taken today, during a visit to Granny's.

I have so many great photos of my grandchildren but daughter no. 2 gets a tad nervous about having her children on the web. However, this one is unidentifiable and belongs to daughter no. 1.


Graham said...

Hi Lesley
wow the blog is really coming along. You've done some great stuff
Julie and I are home now and I have put the final touches to my blog.
Great to be back in a house after 12 weeks in a tent. I still have 4 weeks to go before I'm back at the salt mine.
My email is boothy@tpg.com.au

Deb said...

No surprise that the photo of your Wonderful three pointy hats delights me. Right away it made me thing of a herd of ???? having a discussion of some sort.