Sunday, March 22, 2009

Every Tuesday morning…

I go to South West TAFE, to the Sherwood Campus, on the outskirts of Warrnambool, for weaving classes. It is approximately a forty-five minute drive from home. Last year I spent all day Wednesdays there studying Experimental Textiles, Colour Theory, and Design Elements and Principles. This year I can only afford, time wise, to do a morning.

There is only Rocky, Georgie and I doing a minor study in Weaving, although there are a few others just beginning with an Introduction to Weaving, which we did last year.

We have started out by doing double weaving, also called double cloth, samplers. I always wondered how this worked and now I know. Put simply, two cloths are being woven at the same time; one on top and one on the bottom.

pic 031

pic 032

I am unable to show you the layer underneath, which is shades of green, until the cloth is removed from the loom.

With double cloth, you are able to weave the two cloths separately, join one side to make a cloth double the size, or join both sides to create a tube.

pic 033

Here is Georgie working on hers. I am always lagging behind Rocky and Georgie because I generally spend the afternoon with my grandchildren who live in Warrnambool, and they stay on weaving into the afternoon.

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Kaz said...

Love reading your blog Lesley. I must get down to your beautiful area one day. Thanks for the photos of other TAFE students weaving - I love them.