Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Yarn has arrived

Delivery was so quick. And overall I am happy with purchases.

However, there is always an element of risk when purchasing sight unseen. You can never be certain of colour or quality, unless you are familiar with the brand.

I thought I was ordering this colour, because I adored the rich browns and emerald greens.

 Lady Godiva in Forest from Hand Maiden

This is what I received.

pic 228

The quality is beautiful and the colours lovely, but nothing like the image on ebay. Certainly no emerald greens or rich browns. Every bit of yarn is a shade of green.

Love the silk/cashmere. Can’t go terribly wrong with the colour of cream/white. Well, you can but I didn’t this time around.

pic 231

The Filatura di Crosa also arrived today, it’s colour actually being a deeper and richer colour than the photograph on ebay. It is 100% wool and good quality but I should never buy wool. I find it impossible to wear against my skin and this lot is no exception. It feels scratchy and itchy to me.

Filatura di crosa yarn from ebay

So, I think I’ve been cured of shopping on ebay for the time being.

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