Friday, April 10, 2009

Adventures and weaving

The weather is glorious. We took grandson no. 2 exploring at Two Mile Bay this morning. I will definitely have sore leg muscles tomorrow – big climb down a cliff and up again.

pic 0301_resize

No, not this actual cliff, but one equally as high but a tad more climber friendly.

pic 009_resize

We found this weird and wonderful creature – a crab of some sorts, among other treasures.

pic 005

When we came home I completed some weaving. For a TAFE project I am including some honeycomb weaving so before I start on the final piece I thought I would experiment at home with some honeycomb weaving to familiarise myself with it’s properties and potential.

pic 039

pic 037

pic 038

It was easy to weave – not at all complicated.

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