Friday, April 17, 2009

Truly, when is enough ENOUGH?

I have discovered a new interest. As if I didn’t have enough. As it is I am all over the place trying to do everything. But I love them all and don’t want to give anything up. So, jack of all trades and master of none is maybe what I have to settle for.
sea glass 1
sea glass 2
Yes, my new obsession is sea glass. It is "treasure from trash." Sea glass started out as bottles, broken buoy lights, anything made of glass which has been polished and frosted by the sea. HERE is a site that gives the lowdown on sea glass.
The beauty of this interest is:
  1. I get outside into the sea air
  2. Exercise
  3. Murray comes with me if he is available
  4. Flynn, the dog, also comes and has a wonderful time in the water
  5. I come home with treasures
  6. And it is so good for the soul to be at the beach in all kinds of weather
So far I have discovered that this coast has a plethora of clear and brown sea glass. It is a thrill to find green and I can’t wait to find some other colours – blues and pinks would be good.
You may well ask what I am going to do with such treasures. I have a few ideas but right now I just like finding and looking at them.
These aren't my discoveries, but an example of other colours.
image image
One possibility of sea glass potential. Visit HERE if you want to check out more examples.

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Mai-Britt Axelsen said...

What a wonderful collection, I too collect these little 'germs', it's a real thrill to find one...... Oh, lifes little pleasures!