Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Unravelling crochet

I have had the urge to learn how to crochet for more than a year now. To start with, I searched in vain for someone to teach me how. Then I lined my Auntie Pat from Geelong up. However, it’s a two hour drive and so far, haven’t been able to organise the trip. So then I started teaching myself. To start with I had no idea and it was very frustrating trying to learn from books. I had more success watching videos of How To on Youtube.

crochet 1

I’m slowly getting there and still have a long way to go, especially with knowing how to read patterns.

crochet 2

But I now have this type of granny square wired. Now I want to make a rug from granny squares. Isn’t it weird how you change over time? As a teenager and young adult my paternal grandmother was a prolific crocheter and often supplied us with items she had crocheted, including rugs. I never really took to them and they went under appreciated. But now I am wanting to make them myself.


Anonymous said...

Hey Lesley, great crocheting. Good on you for pushing on despite your lack of teacher. I have just learnt myself and am almost finished my first project. I was excited to find the tutorials by Teresa Richardson on YouTube just last week. Brilliant.

m said...

I taught myself from a library book back in the early '70s. The incentive came from being offered money to crochet a throw when I was impecunious.
I love the clover hooks, they make it all flow effortlessly.