Monday, April 27, 2009

A Wild Sea

Yesterday was a great weather day – wild and stormy. High tides made it even more spectacular.

pic 100_resize

This is the pier which usually has a lot more of the pylons showing. People often fish very safely on the bottom jetty.

pic 069_resize

pic 079_resize

Seconds after this photo was taken, I went to join Murray to have a look at the bay. We were dumped on by a wave shortly after and got a soaking. Had to go straight home to change and pull apart my camera and dry it out. Soaking in salt water is definitely not recommended practice for camera equipment

pic 087_resize

I returned in the afternoon for more entertainment. Madey, me niece, came with me. She was keen to go swimming and had her bathers with her. However, I wasn’t too keen for her to do it because I knew I wouldn’t be capable of saving her.

pic 118_resize

pic 175_resize

This shows you how windy it was.

pic 177_resize

pic 221_resize

pic 025_resize

pic 278_resize

Looking across the Bay towards the pier.


Laurence said...

These are gorgeous pictures! I wish I had been there.

Leisurely Lesley said...

Thankyou Laurence. Great to receive feedback. And yes, it was very exciting.