Thursday, November 5, 2009

Interior Project part 2

The SEASHELL theme suggests to me lightness, airy, breezy, delicate, fragile…so I’m going with open sett weaves and natural or muted colours.

Winding the warp – I’m getting better at this.

pic 011

And beaming the warp – this was the first time ever that I didn’t have any dilemmas, which I put down to good quality yarn. It didn’t catch or shred or anything, just did what it was meant to do. Truly amazing.

I began with plain open sett which I am quite partial to.

open sett

I noticed as I wound it over the front beam that it has gone out of whack. It’s not a bad look. I will photograph it when it is off the loom.

I experimented with the leno weave structure – reminiscent of seashells. This image is confusing as the woven cloth can also be seen winding on below.

leno weave structure

I also tried Brook's Bouquet weave structure.

brook's bouquet

And the Danish Medallion weave.

danish medallion

Looking forward to seeing what happens with the weaves once off the loom but I still have more experimenting to go.

To be continued…

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