Monday, November 2, 2009

Walking at Egan’s Track


Morning phone call from Annie. Do you want to go for a walk? If you say yes, you can generally count on being absent for the rest of the day, and because I was moping around lacking motivation I knew I had to say yes.

We had a chauffer – Isobel Younis, it being her 78th birthday. Issy enjoys revisiting the countryside and while we walked, she enjoyed herself with reading and the odd fag.

It was a perfect day for walking. And why does simple picnic food taste so much better when eaten outdoors?

We walked Egan Track, slightly south of Carlisle River. Driving there takes you past some beautiful land – lush farming land, forests, national parks, heath lands, rivers, creeks, valleys and more.

Our driving route – Rounds Road to Eastern Creek Road to Melrose Road to Princetown Road to Fords Road to Valley View Road to Boulevarde Road to Gellibrand River Road to the turnoff for Egan’s Track. After the walk we drove the short distance to Carlisle River to check it out.

Egan's track 6_resize

Egan’s Track

Egan's track 1_resize

Lunch time where the food tasted wonderful.

Egan's track 7_resize

Coral fern

Egan's track 2_resize

Coral fern again, mainly dead and dried out.

Egan's track 3_resize

Only saw this once. Photogenic pods but what are they?

Egan's track 5_resize

I’m guessing a leafy purple flag.

Egan's track_resize

This plant was beautiful. Most specimens weren’t at the flowering stage until this one at the top of a hill. Will have to find out what it is. Have found out - WOOLLY EVERLASTING.


T said...

Loved seeing your wildflowers leslie. Thanks for sharing. Looks like you enjoyed your walk too...


Leisurely Lesley said...

Thanks Theresa. I'm not the most vigorous or enthusiastic walker but it was a perfect day for it. I'm trying to make walking a habit for health reasons. Wildflowers and such are the perks.