Monday, May 3, 2010

Port Campbell

This is where I live. So far I have lived here for 53 years. I have never got sick of the place.

Port Campbell from Two Mile Bay 4 

For about the first 30 years I didn’t have to share it with the tourists except during holiday times.

Port Campbell from Two Mile Bay 3

But now it represents dollars to people, many who don’t even live here and a few who do.

Port Campbell from Two Mile Bay

They want to DEVELOP the place so it is more palatable to the visitor -  so their visit is not too difficult.

More walking tracks, more viewing platforms, helicopters for the million dollar view (don’t get me started on this one), multi million dollar information centres, cafes in the National Park, oh, and close anything that is a wee bit dangerous – basically, grabbing as many dollars as possible by any means possible.

It disgusts me. They’re going to ruin it.


Sara said...

I seriously hope they don't do a lot to mess that beautiful view and area up. That would just be heartbreaking!

T said...

Hmmmm, I think they call this development "progress" ykkkkkkk

tie yourself to the bulldozer leslie, that'll stop em...


Leisurely Lesley said...

Not a bad idea Teresa. Grannies doing stuff like that are always good media fodder. I have to say Sarah that we do have a strong community who often put many obstacles in the way of 'progress' and have had successes.