Saturday, May 1, 2010

Colours of April

The middle of autumn.

Unpredictable weather.

Gloriously warm or wild and woolly and everything in between.

Shipwreck coast 2

Huge seas full of white water.

Shipwreck coast 3

Large piles of sea foam.

rainbow over sea 

Intermittent rainbows.

Shipwreck coast 

Dramatic lighting.

Croft's Bay

And just plain sunny.


Pam de Groot said...

Beautiful photos by the way. Remember for greens always use the copper pot for the strongest greens. The eucalypts I used for my latest piece were boiled in a copper. I left the dye there as I thought I may need some more of that colour. The next time I used it the colour was decidedly more green. This is the way to get greens from the eucalypts I think.
I saw somewhere that someone said to use the juice from a can of beetroot it is better than the beetroot itself! Haven't tried this myself yet but you never know.

Sara said...

And just plain gorgeous! What beautiful photos...

Leisurely Lesley said...

Thanks for the compliment Sara and thankyou for the info Pam. Will have to get my hands on a copper pot.