Monday, May 24, 2010

The birds are not sharing

parrots in apple tree

This was the start of it and now the apples are all gone with the crimson rosellas getting much more than their fair share. Probably would help if we netted properly.


T said...

hello leslie, lots of warp and weft been happening here while apples vanish.

Your scarves and skirt materials look beautiful. Was looking at the Victorian Spinners and Weavers site earlier tonight. Not sure I have the patience for weaving though. Love your stuff.


m said...

I can't imagine having to net apples. We would have very much shrouded garden if we had to. Fortunately, we haven't needed to net any fruit here. We did have a problem the first year our redcurrant fruited. One day the bush was fairly full, the next birds had stripped it. Since then it has fruited enough for us and the blackbirds to share.
It is a pity that your raiders look so attractive.