Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Alpaca project

Alpaca project - Georgie's wrap

This wrap has been made by Georgie. It’s extremely soft, thick and luscious. The warp is wool whereas the weft is handspun alpaca.

Alpaca project - Jill's felted length

Experimenting by Jill with alpaca roving. This was intended as a scarf but became too thick with the felting. It morphed into a sash for the waist line.

Alpaca project - Jill's hats

100% alpaca yarn beautifully knitted by Jill (of course). These beanies are incredibly comfortable to wear – soft, light weight and cozy.

Alpaca project - Jill's silk and alpaca scarf

More experimenting by Jill, this time of the weaving type. The yarn used here was alpaca plied with hand spun silk. It is a twill weave with lots of body.

Alpaca project - Jeanette's wrap 1

I generally lust over all the goodies that keep being produced and this is no exception. Dyed and woven by Jeanette Tollerbond. Jeanette used Landscape dyes and commercially spun alpaca yarn. This wrap drapes beautifully.

Alpaca project - Jeanette's wrap 2

And this is similar but different colours – differing shades of red ochre from the Landscape dyes.

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T said...

alpaca is wonderful to work with, it is light, warm, and soft. Did you know that it is five times warmer than wool. Best to keep it thin on garmets.